Welcome to Daily News Bytes 24: Understanding Our Cookie Policy

At Daily News Bytes 24, we value your privacy and want to ensure you have a clear understanding of how we use cookies. By navigating and using our website, you agree to the terms outlined in this policy. Let’s delve into the details:

About Cookies: Your Digital Identifiers

Cookies are small files with unique identifiers sent from web servers to web browsers. These identifiers can be sent back to the server each time your browser requests a page. They play a crucial role in identifying and tracking users across different pages on a website.

Cookies fall into two categories: “fixed” and “session.” A fixed cookie remains valid until its expiration date (unless deleted by the user), while a session cookie concludes when the web browser is closed.

Managing Cookies: Your Browser, Your Choice

Most browsers provide options to manage cookies. Here’s how you can control cookie settings on popular browsers:
– Internet Explorer: Click “Tools,” “Internet Options,” “Privacy,” and choose “Block all cookies.”
– Firefox: Navigate to “Tools,” “Options,” and uncheck “Accept cookies from sites” in the “Privacy” box.
– Google Chrome: Adjust cookie permissions by clicking “Options,” “Under the hood,” and accessing Content Settings in the “Privacy” section. Click on the Cookies tab in the Content Settings.
– Safari: Manage cookies by clicking “Preferences,” selecting the “Privacy” tab, and choosing “Block cookies” or “Remove All Website Data.”

How We Use Cookies: Enhancing Your Experience

Rest assured, cookies used on Daily News Bytes 24 do not contain personally identifiable information.
– Recognizing your computer during visits
– Tracking your navigation for website usability
– Enabling e-commerce facilities
– Improving website performance and administration
– Personalizing content and advertisements tailored to your interests

Third-Party Cookies: Partners in Experience

While using our website, you may encounter third-party cookies. Advertisers and service providers may send you cookies to enhance your experience.

Your Choices Matter: Impact on Website Usability

Blocking all cookies might impact the usability of websites, including Daily News Bytes 24. Certain features may be affected, such as logging in, accessing content, or using search functions.

Cookie Cleanup: Your Control Over Data

Feel empowered to delete cookies already stored on your computer using these steps for popular browsers:
– Internet Explorer: Manually delete cookie files.
– Firefox: Clear cookies by adjusting settings and clicking “Clear private data.”
– Google Chrome: Manage cookie permissions and clear private data.
– Safari: Delete cookies by selecting “Remove All Website Data.”

Connect with Us: Your Questions Welcome

If you have any questions or concerns about our cookie policy, please reach out to us at dailynewsbytes24@gmail.com. Your privacy matters, and we’re here to ensure a seamless and informed online experience.