Google Doodle Recognizes Agnès Varda: A Glimpse into the Filmmaking Genius

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Agnès Varda


Celebrating Agnès Varda - Google Doodle
Celebrating Agnès Varda – Google Doodle

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of Agnès Varda, the renowned French film director celebrated for her innovative lens and humanistic narratives. Google’s vibrant Doodle invites you to delve into the groundbreaking films that defined her legacy.

Agnès Varda, originally Arlette Varda, carved her niche as a filmmaker during the influential French New Wave movement, challenging norms and crafting poetic yet authentic narratives. La Pointe Courte (1954), her debut feature, blended reality with fiction, setting the tone for her pioneering career.

Google paid homage to Varda on December 13, 2023, marking the anniversary of her Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Film Academy in 2014, with a lively Doodle reflecting the occasion’s vibrancy.

Agnès Varda: 'I've always enjoyed sharing people with audiences'

Born in Brussels in 1928, Varda’s artistic journey began at the prestigious École du Louvre, where she explored art history, later honing her photography skills at the École des Beaux-Arts. Despite an early inclination towards museum curation, Varda shifted to photography, capturing moments at the Théâtre National Populaire.

Her filmmaking odyssey started with La Pointe Courte, showcasing raw realism and foreshadowing the New Wave aesthetic. Varda’s films, like Cléo from 5 to 7 (1961) and One Sings, the Other Doesn’t (1977), delved into mortality and feminist narratives, weaving intricate stories around relatable characters.

Varda, a boundary-pusher, challenged conventional storytelling with Vagabond (1985) and Jacquot de Nantes (1991), offering nonlinear and emotionally charged narratives. Her works, infused with political commentary, explored societal issues, exemplified by The Gleaners and I (2000) and Faces Places (2017).

Beyond her cinematic contributions, Varda was a photographer, sculptor, and a staunch advocate for artistic freedom and social justice. Her enduring creativity and commitment to humanity continue to inspire artists globally.

Today, we celebrate Agnès Varda’s rich and impactful career through her films, photos, artworks, and books. Her accolades include a Lumières Award, an Oscar nod for “Visages Villages” (Faces Places), a César Award for “Les Plages d’Agnès” (The Beaches of Agnés), a Golden Lion for “Sans toit ni loi” (Vagabond) and an Honorary Oscar for her outstanding contributions to cinema throughout her lifetime.

Agnès Varda’s legacy goes beyond awards; it mirrors her unwavering spirit, showcasing artistic independence and resilience. Her distinct viewpoint continues to ignite inspiration among artists, ensuring her influence echoes through the creative realm for years to come. Thank you, Agnès, for staying authentic and paving a trail that

Agnès Varda’s Filmography:

Agnès Varda |

YearMovie NameEnglish titleAttribution
1955La Pointe CourteDirector, writer
1962Cléo de 5 à 7Cléo from 5 to 7Director, writer
1965Le BonheurDirector, writer
1966Les CréaturesThe CreaturesDirector, writer
1967Loin du VietnamFar from VietnamCo-director
1969Lions LoveDirector, writer, producer
1975DaguerréotypesDirector, writer
1977L’Une chante, l’autre pasOne Sings, the Other Doesn’tDirector, writer
1981Mur MursDirector, writer
1981DocumenteurDirector, writer
1985Sans toit ni loiVagabondDirector, writer, editor
1988Jane B. par Agnès V.Jane B. by Agnes V.Director, writer, editor
1988Le petit amourKung Fu MasterDirector, writer
1991Jacquot de NantesDirector, writer
1993Les demoiselles ont eu 25 ansThe Young Girls Turn 25Director, writer
1994Les Cent et une nuits de Simon CinémaA Hundred and One NightsDirector, writer
1995L’univers de Jacques DemyThe World of Jacques DemyDirector, writer
2000Les Glaneurs et la glaneuseThe Gleaners and IDirector, writer, producer, editor
2002Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse… deux ans aprèsThe Gleaners and I: Two Years LaterDirector, producer, editor
2004CinévardaphotoDirector, writer
2006Quelques veuves de NoirmoutierSome Widows of NoirmoutierDirector, writer, editor
2008Les plages d’AgnèsThe Beaches of AgnèsDirector, writer, producer, editor
2017Visages VillagesFaces PlacesDirector, writer, editor
2019Varda par AgnèsVarda by AgnèsDirector, writer, editor


  1. When did Agnès Varda die? – March 29, 2019
  2. How did Agnès Varda die? – Cancer
  3. How old was Agnès Varda when she died? – 90 years old
  4. Where did Agnès Varda die? – Paris, France
  5. When was Agnès Varda born? – May 30, 1928
  6. Where was Agnès Varda born? – Ixelles, Belgium
  7. What was Agnès Varda’s birth name? – Arlette Varda
  8. What was Agnès Varda known for?  – Cléo from 5 to 7, Happiness, Vagabond, and Faces Places
  9. Was Agnès Varda married? – She was married to Jacques Demy from 1962 to October 27, 1990.
  10. Did Agnès Varda have children? – Yes, 2 children, including Rosalie Varda (65) and Mathieu Demy (51)
  11. How many awards did Agnès Varda win?  – 3 awards
  12. How many award nominations did Agnès Varda receive? – 110 nominations
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