Alert: Massive Recall Issued for Power XL Air Fryers – Uncover the Burn Hazard Impacting 300,000 Units!

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Power XL Dual-Basket Air Fryer

In a sizzling turn of events, nearly 320,000 Power XL Dual Basket Air Fryers are being recalled, creating a hot topic in consumer safety. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has flagged a potential burn risk, urging consumers to take immediate action.

Recalled PowerXL Air Fryer
Recalled PowerXL Air Fryer

Power XL Air Fryers

Picture this: You’ve just prepared a crispy batch of your favorite fries in your air fryer, and suddenly, the excitement turns into concern. It turns out, the culprit is a faulty component in two models of the Power XL Dual Basket Air Fryers. The plastic U-Channel connector, designed to combine the two food baskets, has a tendency to break during use, posing a burn hazard.

With 41 reported instances of the product breaking, including three cases of burns, the recall comes as a precautionary measure. But the question lingers: How could a seemingly harmless kitchen appliance turn into a potential safety hazard?

These egg-shaped air fryers, known as the PowerXL DUAF-10 and DUAF-005 Vortex Dual-Basket Air Fryer models, were marketed with the promise of convenient cooking. Two baskets, offering flexibility in use, could be combined into one large single basket. Sold in black and cinnamon colors, these air fryers made their way into homes nationwide through major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Kohls.

air fryers recalled after burns reported
air fryers recalled after burns reported

Here’s the burning issue—literally: If you’ve purchased one of these air fryers between August 2021 and October 2023 for a price ranging from $60 to $190, you might be cooking up more than just meals. You could be unwittingly subjecting yourself to a potential burn risk.

The recall notice is clear: Stop using the air fryer immediately and reach out to the manufacturer for a full refund. But beyond the logistics of the recall, it raises broader questions about product safety, consumer trust, and the responsibility of manufacturers in ensuring the reliability of everyday appliances.

For more information, consumers can call Empower Brands toll-free at 866-704-9370 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT Monday through Friday CT, or go online at, or and click on “Important Safety Recall Notice.”

For detailed information on how to receive a refund, visit the CPSC website.

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As consumers grapple with the recall, it’s not just about returning a kitchen gadget. It’s about trust in the products we invite into our homes. How did a seemingly harmless kitchen companion end up posing a burn risk? And as we await answers, the recall serves as a reminder to all of us: Sometimes, even the most mundane appliances can surprise us with unexpected dangers. Are we paying enough attention to the safety of the products we use daily? It’s a question worth pondering.


  • Which air fryer is recalled?

Hey there! Heads up – around 319,000 air fryers, those handy kitchen pals, are being recalled nationwide. Why? Well, turns out there’s a possible burn hazard. Empower Brands, the folks behind PowerXL, decided to recall two models: the 10-quart DUAF-10 and the 9-quart DUAF-005. So, if you’ve got one of these at home, it might be time for a quick check-in with the manufacturer for the scoop on what to do next.

  • Are air fryers unsafe to use?

While air fryers themselves aren’t directly associated with cancer, the cooking process does create certain compounds, including acrylamide, which is linked to cancer risk. Acrylamide, a potential carcinogen, forms when foods are heated above 120 degrees Celsius (120°C) or 250 degrees Fahrenheit (250°F). This occurs through the ‘Maillard reaction,’ a chemical process involving sugars and amino acids during heating. Foods with higher carbohydrate content, like potato chips, French fries, and baked goods, tend to have elevated levels of acrylamide, while fish, meat, and veggies produce comparatively lower amounts during cooking.

  • What’s better microwave or air fryer?

While a microwave is great for heating and reheating food, an air fryer adds that irresistible crispy, fried texture that a microwave simply can’t match. Besides, using an air fryer can be a healthier option, all while cutting down on those cooking minutes.

  • Does an air fryer use more electricity than an oven?

Air fryers consume less than half the energy of a traditional oven, and in some cases, even less than a third of what high-end ovens use. This translates not only to cost savings on your energy bill but also contributes to minimizing your environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint.

  • What is the first thing I should try in my air fryer?

Embarking on your air-fried veggie adventure? Begin with Brussels sprouts – they transform into crispy delights in no time. Pro tip for a crowd: fry ’em up in batches. Overcrowding the basket might just turn your crunchy dreams into a soggy affair!

  • What size of air fryer do I need?

If you often prepare sizable meals or host gatherings, you might consider choosing a larger air fryer (3.3-4.2 quarts) or a super-light large model (5.5-5.8 quarts).

  • What size air fryer is best for 2 people?

Don’t be deceived by the name; compact air fryers may have a capacity of 2.5 to 4 quarts, perfect for feeding two or even three people. They’re a great fit for limited countertop space and can usually squeeze into most cabinets with ease.

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